Sunday, November 12, 2006

CarnEvil of the NBA Thirty Seven

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Welcome my friends. Not two weeks removed from Halloween and I've got some abhorrent stories to tell you about recent perversions and parlor tricks undertaken within our dearly beloved Association. Be leery of your surroundings at all times, is an intense show not for the faint-hearted. The Carnival is effervescent since the somewhat braggadocious snap to the Suns losing streak when Pat Burke's subs dropped a healthy lead in the most bizarre fashion, yet ultimately ending our glorious 2-5 start.

I like to thank the authoritative association's agenda for giving our team a delightful vacation in Europe filled with many croissants, delightful pastries and all the pasta and kielbasa they can eat. That and opening with four games in five nights followed by another back-to-back against Western Conference Superpower Spurs and Mavericks.

This group of entertainers have taken it upon themselves to sell tell you some things today. Watch out for what you say on these unholy grounds, they have a penchant for quarreling with principles not savored with precedence. You must understand that these peddlers are often times battling severe alcohol affixiation, that stink may be 24/7 NBA basketball eminating from their pores or it could just be last night's dosage. Here it is folks, it comes around every so often and you better not miss the 37th edition of the Carnival of the NBA. Be careful where you walk.

The most important issue at hand is the new no-tolerance policy no-excitement policy. Stern and his cronies have gone too far this time and effectively taken the passion out of games instead of all the incessant bitching of the Tim Duncan's and Kobe Bryant's of the lig. Superstars continue to bitch while the meer semblance of frustration warrants a tek.

Need4Sheed wants to put a stop to such fascism and is circulating a petition so that we can continue to enjoy the characters who work in the NBA. Sheed needs to be able to bust on dudes in pink shirts. "You know what they say about a man in a pink shirt right?"

Hoopsaddict reviews books and drops magazines. No smoke and mirrors in this publication, just the foresight of Ryan Mcneill and illustrative prowess provided by Matt Dyck Studios.

The Basketball Jones podcast is now coming at you five days a week with prompt Association analysis and commentary. You would be wise to bet against these vendors.

Reds Army is detailing a hopeless power struggle in the Celtics organization.

Celticsblog talks about their bad start this season. It looks like Doc Rivers is in a familiar situation.

I think the Cavalier understands the Celtics struggles and I think I understand the Cavalier. Sometimes.

Bobcats Bonfire is burned by the almighty no-tolerance policy and the cats keep on adjusting.

Blog a Bull sees a lot of value in their new rookie, the Swiss Mister(?) Thabo Sefolosha.

Impending Firestorm, an Atlanta Hawks column, recently teamed up on a podcast for the Hawks-Raptors game Friday night.

Pounding the Rock has Spurs-eye vision on the Nix and is glad he doesn't have to see the mutilated face of that franchise for a while.

Golden State of Mind lives for every game as it was their last and have no problems going to big D to hurt some egos. The Warriors own the Mavericks.

Sportsbiz talks about the advertising giant Nike and their Lebron Campaign.

SupersonicSoul is first on the case to keep the Supes in Seattle, a city that should have a NBA team. They have recently been interviewed by the New York Times about the matter.

Mutoni from Bench Renaldo is pissed that his NBA league pass is still not available and rightfully so. Come on Canada, what is this amateur hour?

End of the Bench didn't scribble this post on race in the NBA down half-asleep and we should thank him for that.

DC Sports Guy writes about the Wizards' center feud. Brenda Haywood actually pulls hair.

Lowpost is now featuring a blog section to the rss machine. Most recently he interviews Henry Abbott of Truehoop fame.

Speaking of Henry Abbott, he recently shares some insight on what life is like for a professional basketball player in Europe.

SunsGossip has exclusive video of Lebron James dunking way over Timmy Duncan during the recent Cavs victory. Hilarity ensues.

Freedarko has a new found appreciation of the Suns that was lacking last season following Saturday's win over the Griz when Amare found his spot and Leandro continues to be heartless.

Loy's place asks the question to run or not to run and is confused by the Celtics tactics.

Celticsstufflive recently interviewed long time Boston Herald Writer Steve Bulpett who travels with the team and covers them.

UPDATE: Choose your own Brendan Haywood adventure trade over at Bullets Fever.

UPDATE 2: Howie aka The Hype has his own ideas about how to cope with the new NBA rules. Basically, don't cross David Stern or face death by robot.

That's it for this time, I hope you had fun. If I missed anyone, email me quick.



At 10:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh...what are you talking about here, for the most part? You had almost nothing to say about the Suns' last game, which was the point of a Suns blog.

At 11:43 PM, Anonymous Chase said...

Haha, great theme and great song man, I love it. Well done.

At 5:05 AM, Blogger The Cavalier said...

Good job, yo. Nice carnie!

At 7:38 AM, Blogger Ra said...

Anonymous, sorry for my lack of a decent recap for the last two games. The Spurs game crushed me and afterwards I got sick which then led into the Carnival.

As you can see I've got a lot of excuses to work with. I promise to get back on top of my game.

At 7:46 AM, Blogger Nugg Doctor said...

Nice work Ra. I am glad to see you got the nod on the host this go round. Hope you enjoy the spike in traffic.

The Nugg Doctor

At 9:11 AM, Blogger SunsGossip said...

Dammit, can't listen to the track in class! what is it!

At 7:11 PM, Blogger The Nefarious One said...

ELP from Brain Salad Surgery...a classic that I hope will soon accurately describe our team, once Amare gets loose and everyone else is in shape.

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