Sunday, January 25, 2009

Suns Hawks game notes

Amare is somewhere else. 5 turnovers. Why doesn't Porter sit him?

Mike Bibby's headband is so big. It looks like he has a head injury and he's wearing a bandage.

Joe Johnson starting to heat up. Grant Hill isn't guarding him despite forcing him into 4-21 when these teams played a couple weeks ago.

Flip Murray getting it going against the Suns again.

When Josh Smith posts Amare he spins middle into a left-handed shot. EVERY TIME. What does Stoudemire do to defend it? Nothing. He isn't aware a lefty is going to his strong hand.

Hawks are piling up the fouls trying to guard Shaq.

Suns shoot 63 percent in the first half but are trailing by two- 14 turnovers.

Stoudemire appears to have woken up and the offense is focused on getting him going.

Josh Smith continue to beat Amare to rebounds.

Some tough foul calls on Grant Hill have him with four after picking up a call on a defensive rotation. How is it a 36-year-old is the toughest defender on the team?

Blown call on an obvious trip. Terry Porter complains and gets a technical foul. I love when refs compound their mistakes by T-ing up a someone who holds them accountable.

WIth Nash out, the offense just becomes one on one.

LB has it going tonight. Maybe Matt Barnes complaining about their minutes worked.

Josh Smith uses his right hand in the post and misses. Let's see if Amare picks up on it.

Soloman Jones is apparently Dwyane Wade. He gets generous calls against two veteran players. Grant Hill picks up his fifth on a clear charge. Shaq picks up his fourth on a Jones diving flop.

Josh Smith on the block again, spins into the right-hand layup and tries switching to the left at the last minute and misses. Reluctant to credit Amare defense but Smith really needs to develop a right hand

Amare acting tough toward Zaza Pechulia after a normal foul. Quit crying you big baby.

LB huge three.

Mike (who was 1-10) hits a huge three.

Amare has JJ on him and settles for a jumper. Miss.

Terrible help defense on pick n roll. Soloman Jones left wide open for dunk.

LB turnover, Hawks miss two layups.

Shaq has little guy on him and goes right to the rim. Misses shot that hangs on the rim for a week. Hits two free throws

Nash with a travel. 19 turnovers.

Amare with rebound after it hits the floor. Amare passes to LB for another huge three.

Nash bad pass. 20 turnovers.

Amare misses open jumper than could have given Suns a six point lead. LB steal. Shaq holds ball too long for 24 second violation. Does anyone want to win this game?

Shaq loose ball foul, tosses Marvin Williams and a waiter into the front row.

Hawks haven't scored in 5 minutes. LB fouls to prevent layup, Soloman Jones calmly drops two free throws. Suns up 2.

Nash to Stoudemire, layup and 1. 26.6 left. Not sure if someone said something to him at halftime but he has been a different player.

As awful as the Suns perimeter can be, it's been good tonight. Mike Bibby 2-13, Joe Johnson 5-20.

Suns won this one on defense. This game was hard fought and Stoudemire and LB hit big shots in the fourth. Still a chance to salvage this road trip with a win in Washington tomorrow.

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At 10:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was agreeing with you on the need to trade Amare Stoudemire, but I'm already backing off. He crashed the boards and had several blocked shots in that last game.

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