Monday, February 16, 2009

Terry Porter: I'm out

Terry Porter has announced he's been fired as head coach of the Phoenix Suns. This may have been the worst kept secret over All Star weekend. It was accurately leaked on RealGm on Thursday, reporters were referencing that inside source by Friday, and TNT's Craig Sager jumped Shaq with that story during the game on Sunday.

I went into Porter's failings in my previous post. What's bound to come out now is more stories about how Porter treated this team. He apparently wasn't well liked at all and had very questionable motivational methods. It is interesting what will be done now as far as trades. The financial situation hasn't changed and there are plenty of sharks in the water ready to pounce on Amare at bargain price.

There have been a lot of stories this weekend skewering Steve Kerr and Robert Sarver for how they've handled this team on their own. With the benefit of hindsight, we can see they haven't made any moves to build on the momentum of the back to back WCF appearances in 05 and 06. At this point, do you want to see the team completely blow it up or try to nab a low playoff seed and almost certain first round elimination? Or is there still some chance they can put together a run for the ages?

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At 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It makes you wonder why the Milwaukee Bucks overachieved when Porter coached them. Either the players there did that without Porter's help, or he's not the jerk he sounds like and it's partly the Suns players' fault for resisting him.

I completely oppose blowing it up (or tanking), either right now or after the season. This isn't the pre-Tim Duncan Spurs (who are widely believed to have tanked in order to have a shot at Duncan), or the Los Angeles Clippers. I say, don't throw in the towel until Steve Nash retires (or at least becomes a FA), and until Gentry has had a chance as coach.

Have you heard that Jason Richardson was arrested for speeding *again*? And with his son in the car! Unrestrained! He's begging to be traded too, probably later. --Josh

At 3:55 PM, Blogger Hersey said...

Jason Richardson needs a driver. That's too much vehicular stupidity for one millionaire. He's putting people at risk. I hope the team suspends him for a couple games to send a message.

The Spurs didn't have David Robinson that year so they have a bit of an excuse. Imagine if the Wizards add Blake Griffin to a fully healthy team next year.

The blame game is never fun but Porter wasn't the guy to coach this team. He took the hardline stance with a veteran team and nothing he tried worked. The most fingers have to point at Sarver. Sarver bought into a good situation and picking Kerr has proven to be destructive so far as most of Kerr's moves have been sour to this point. Not sure where things are going from here

At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, here's a pipe dream. What if Robert Sarver realizes that he doesn't understand basketball like he understands banking, and decides to sell the team to someone who does? Remember how Grant Hill and Shaq have talked about buying basketball teams?--they both referred to the Magic, I believe, and Shaq also mentioned buying the Nets because he's a Jersey native. What if they teamed up (with investors) to buy the Suns? I don't know about Shaq, but anyone can see that Grant Hill is a smart basketball mind, and he could conceivably make a good GM.

I'm happy that Alvin Gentry will let the team run, but I'm worried that he'll try to be Mike D'antoni and disregard playing defense. --Josh

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